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The reasons entrust your holiday to the Union of Pedestrian Tourism of Kyrgyzstan (TUK)

Have you been dreaming to see the natural beauty of Kyrgyzstan, which you often hear about, but have never been able to visit? Would you like to go to the lakes of Sary Chelek, Son Kol or Kel-Suu? Or climb up the Komsomolets peak and hike from one gorge to another? Would you want to go on a horseback tour in the valley or go rafting down the Chon-Kemin river?
You can entrust organization of your trip to us and explore Kyrgyzstan together with the Trekking Union of Kyrgyzstan!

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12 years of experience

The Union is a pioneer in the domestic tourism market. Since its creation in 2005, we have arranged travels for more than 25 thousand people. Here you can see the reviews by our tourists to be confident that your travel with TUK will be secure and safe.

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Everything is checked on ourselves

Every year the Union goes on exploring missions to pave new exciting routes of various levels of complexity throughout Kyrgyzstan. We raft down the river, we go on snowshoes, we climb up the mountains, we conquer high mountainous peaks. As of today, we offer XX different routes for active vacation and travel. It is important for us to ensure the TUK tourists stay in comfortable conditions, use reliable equipment and get maximum pleasure from the trip.

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Guaranteed vacation every weekend at the best price

All our offers are rigorously selected, all routes have been repeatedly tested for many years and we guarantee that you get the best value for your money. In addition, TUK members have discounts on all types of services. More information can be found here.

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Active vacation every weekend

We offer tours every weekend, all year round. In summer, these are one day trips and multi day mountain hikes with overnight stays, rafting, climbing up the mountains, horseback riding tours, while in winter we offer skiing opportunities. We can organize for you a unique route for the family, friends and colleagues. We monitor all the stages of the trip – from receiving an application to returning home.

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Wide range of services and individual approach

For many years of work, TUK has developed more than XX options for active recreation and travel around Kyrgyzstan. Every year the number of tours is rapidly growing. For example, in 2016 the Trekking Union successfully organized 185 rounds (i.e. almost 1 trip every 2 days). We have a large number of routes – are you still having difficulties with the choice? We will suggest the best option based on your budget, the duration of the trip and the level of physical activity. In addition, we can organize individual tours, corporate trips and travels around Kyrgyzstan for foreign tourists with an English-speaking guide.

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