Seminar: Initial Tourist Preparation.

 The topic of

— The foundations of security in mountain hikes: objective and subjective potential danger.

— Basics of personal hygiene in a mountain trip. Physical training is a test of self-control of physical condition.

— Personal equipment for the mountain trek 1K.with. personal and special equipment.

— Group equipment for the mountain trek 1K.with. lager and special equipment.

Gear in one-day and multi-day trips.

— What are trips and what are they interested in.

— Fundamentals of movement through mountainous terrain in the campaigns of 1K.with.

— The organization of halts and bivouacs (overnight stays) in a mountain trip 1K.with.

— Food and water consumption in the mountain hike of 1K.with.

— The biological value of the products and the standards of consumption in physical exertion.

— Set of products. Menu option. Preparation and packaging of the product.

Practical session in the mountains:

practice orienteering in the mountains and the main elements of mountain relief.

— laying of the backpack installation-Assembly tents, the use of burners for cooking.

— driving in hilly terrain: trails through the gorge, grassy slope, scree slope.

the choice of places to camp and bivouac (overnight).

Protocol call.

— Initial evaluation. The secondary assessment.

— The patient is unconscious.

— Cardiopulmonary resuscitation CPR.

— First aid for insect bites.

— Epilepsy.

— Basics of topography and orientation in mountainous terrain.

— The basic elements of mountain relief. Terminology. Illustrations.

— Injuries.

— Burns and frostbite.

— Hyper & Hypothermia.

— Extract from the machine

— PMP for wounds and bleeding.

— Soft tissue damage.

— Electric trauma.

— Angina and myocardial infarction. — STROKE.

Practical session in the mountains:

— First aid.

— driving in hilly terrain: trails in the gorge, snow slope, scree slope and moraine, crossing streams and rivers, easy rocky sections.

the choice of places to camp and bivouac (overnight).

— cooking in the campaign

Administrator of the seminar:

— Danilov Marat (TUK)

The instructor of the seminar:

— Mikhailov, Mikhail Mikhailovich

— Rusin Alexander

— Pechkin Vyacheslav Sergeevich

— Miusov Alexander

— Bukaradinov Rysbek Mukhambetovich

— Adilet Zhumaev

Conditions of participation in the Seminar NTP-mountain tourism:

— experience in day Hiking or overnight camping

— good physical shape and absence of disease at the time of the Workshop (the absence of medical contraindications for mountain trekking).

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