Safety is a vital component in providing quality products and services in the global and increasingly competitive tourism industry. As the safety awareness of customers grows, international tour operators are demanding more and more from their ground operators on risk management. Ground operators are increasingly expected to implement and demonstrate rigorous risk management practices. Developing a safety culture is a collective effort and responsibility of all.

Comprehensive risk and safety management systems entails:

  • – a safety strategy with goal setting, with an operational plan, with dedicated human resources trained on regular base and with ongoing performance measurement
  • – a thorough identification and assessment of hazards and risks
  • – pro-active use of standard operating procedures to anticipate and reduce risks
  • – emergency preparedness covering all relevant scenarios for a tour operator
  • – a reporting system on near misses and incidents
  • – a strong monitoring and evaluation system for continual improvement

TUK is through awareness building and trainings, promoting risk and safety management amongst their members. Collective efforts and strong safety commitment will contribute to a safe holiday experience for the tourists in Kyrgyzstan as well safe working environment for the staff of the tour operators.


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