Ak-Suu Belovodskoe

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It is a narrow, meandering and deep gorge. The slopes are grassy with rare low shrubs. There is a good unpaved road leading from about the center of the small town of Belovodsk to this gorge. There are springs with mineral water, which had previously been bottled and sold under the name of Ak-Suu. Also, there are several quarries of the building stone. Therefore, you can see here heavy trucks.

In its upper part the canyon turns to the east and is called Jar-Tash. There is a peak at the height of 4,666 m, which is called Putin’s Peak in honor of the Russian President. An inscription carved on a triangular stone on the way confirms it.

The gorge starts from the village of Kopyor-Aryk, which is located at a distance of 19 km from Belovodsk. The distance from here to the quarry is 13 km, then the road and the gorge keep stretching to the south and the gorge becomes waterless. The river gradually turns to the east and after 12 km flows into the canyon of Jar-Tash (2,070 m above the sea level). Here the road is blocked by a heavy turnpike.

The spring pipe with the current Ak-Suu mineral water, the Stone with the Putin’s Peak Inscription and the Stele with Ak-Suu mineral water spring indication are located at a distance of 1.3 km from the beginning of the Jar-Tash gorge (and from the turnpike). Here, finally the road ends. There is a trailer near the bridge and another turnpike. From here to the foothill of Putin’s Peak is 7km (2,700 m above the sea level).

Information of Tour

Not categorically hike in the average level of training and requires basic skills of being in the mountains. Equipment-good mountain boots, jacket windbreaker with a hood, sunglasses, a baseball cap( cap), a cap, a backpack 25-30L. and track sticks. Preferably (but not necessarily) to have sunscreen and a raincoat.

ALTITUDE DIFFERENCE 400 above the sea level
SEASON May-October
COST 600som/500som of Union members
SERVICES INCLUDED IN THE COST OF THE TOUR Transport in both directions. The services of a guide
DAY 1 One day trip to the gorge. AK-Suu, picnic lunch, return to the bus Parking - transfer to Bishkek. Departure:

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