Adegene Gorge

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Adegene Gorge is the side gorge of Ala-Archa where you can walk over Adegene bridge at the parking lot a little before reaching the alpinist camp. First, the trail goes up the right bank of Adegene River where in the shadow of the coniferous trees and larches a cemetery is established as the last shelter of the alpinists, who died when ascending to the mountain peaks of Ala-Archa. Further the trail passes along a beautiful larch-spruce forest and the grassy slope, in which it is easy to lose a trail and walking 3 km more you come to the tourist bridge, along which you need to cross the river. Further the trail will go along the left bank. Further on, the trail goes along the stony ancient moraines through 2 short steep ascents. The second rise is called Electro Parking. Here you can set up tents for overnight stays and start climbing to the peak of Electro (4,025 m above sea level). Immediately after this take-off, a powerful moraine shaft of the Adegene cirque glaciers is seen, where you can walk along a narrow passage in the right part of the moraine shaft. Soon after that point (8.4 km from the bridge across Ala-Archa river), you will see a stunning panorama of Adegene cirque glaciers with the shared powerful moraine at an altitude of 3,560 m above sea level, with 2 small moraine lakes. There is a trailer of glaciologists, who observe and study glaciers. From here you can undertake a relatively simple rise to Adegene peak at an altitude of 4,350 m above sea level. The scenery is very beautiful here in the morning.

Information of Tour

Not categorically hike in the average level of training and requires basic skills of being in mountains. Do not require the presence of special equipment for Hiking. Equipment-good mountain boots, a jacket with a hood, a cap, a backpack 25-30L. Desirable (but not necessarily) have track sticks, sunglasses, gloves."

SEASON February - October
COST 450 kgs/350 kgs of Union members
SERVICES INCLUDED IN THE COST OF THE TOUR Transport in both directions. The services of a guide
DAY 1 "One-day hike in the direction of adygene in the national Park Ala-Archa. Departure at 8: 00.

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