Ala-Archa gorge

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Ala-Archa gorge is the most popular gorge of the Kirghiz ridge. This gorge offers various famous  routes for the weekend recreation, multi-day treks  for sports tourism and mountaineering.  There is the National Park and the Alpinist Camp,situated in the middle of the gorge. You can get there easily thanks to well maintained  asphalt road. Every year on May 1, there is a traditional alpinist event,  during which all mountains lovers climb to  Komsomol peak or  participate for the multi-day treks of different categories.

The mass hiking participants, who reach famous  Komsomolets Peak, are awarded the title of the “Mountaineer of Kyrgyzstan” and receive  the badge and the certificate.  At the entrance to the national park, located 33 km from Bishkek city, there is a turnpike and  visitors have to pay entrance fee. From turnpike there is another 11km of road to get to the alpine camp, where you can find different types of accommodation, and various services (cafe,..). The gorge is very beautiful at any time of the year. The slopes are covered by grass, and overgrown by various  species of shrubs, deciduous and coniferous trees, which have been growing here for many years. There are many classified hiking and alpinist roads of different difficulties (till level 5) in the altitude of the tops of the mountains  passing  an altitude of 3,500 -5,700 m. Also, in the winter, you can enjoy skiing in the gorge at one of the base providing full range of services (food, accommodation and equipment rental.)

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