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You can get to Altyn-Arashan from Teploklyuchenka village. A little above the village, there are two gorges that converge and there are two big rivers that merge. The western river is called Arashan, the eastern one is called Ak-Suu. The Arashan gorge begins on the outskirts of the village and is called Arashan Gorge. The prefix Altyn is given to that part of this gorge which is located at a distance of about 18 km from the village. Here at an altitude of 2,510 m above the sea level there are hot mineral sources, some of which are equipped with baths and can be used for a small fee, while some are free of charge.

The gorge is extremely popular among tourists. The road to the gorge is unpaved and it first runs very close to the river, and then rises higher above it. The gorge is very wide and spacious. The magnificent Tien Shan coniferous forests stretch for 12 km everywhere along the gorge. You can see lots of beautiful glades with bright mountain flowers. At the end of the gorge (21 km from Altyn Arashan) there is a romantic Palatka peak (which translates as a Tent) at an altitude of 4,860 m. This peak is visible from many points of the gorge. There are many side gorges, the most famous being Ala-Kol gorge, through which the hiking trails go to the pass and Ala-Kol lake (3,522 m above sea level). The distance to Ala-Kol gorge is 3 km, while the distance to the pass (3,910 m above sea level) is 8 km. Ak-Suu River and Ak-Suu gorge are less popular. Ak-Suu sanatorium is located there. The length of Ak-Suu gorge is about 32 km.

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