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The route begins at the bridge over Sokuluk River at an altitude of 1,975 m above the sea level. You further walk 150 m up along the paths on the slope on the right bank of Ashu-Tor inflow until you reach the old road; you then walk another 4 km to the plateau (2,600 m above the sea level) and find yourself in front of the nameless mountain that stands in the middle of the gorge. Under the mountain you can see 2 waterfalls (about 10 and 25 m high), and to the left there is a river flowing from a steep slope with an iron bridge, high above the river.

From here along the path to the bridge (2,765 m above the sea level) you need to walk about 1 km. Behind the bridge, trails go up to the pass. During a one-day trip it is better to go to the picturesque plateau to the right of the bridge where the spectacular views of the waterfalls will open to you. If you further walk 0.75 km and hike up another 200 m you will get to the snow cavern.

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