Belogorsky waterfall

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To get to Sokuluk gorge, you need approximately in the middle of the city Sokuluk to roll to the side of the mountains. The last village on this road (23 km from Sokuluk) is now called the Tash-Bulak, and used to be called Belogorka. That’s why this gorge has a second name Belogorsky gorge, and the existing waterfall – the waterfall is called Belogorsk.

Driving along a bad dirt road for another 25 km you can stop for about the last half-ruined bridge over the river Sokuluk. A good view of the Belogorsky falls, total height of about 100m, but the road is visible only its upper half. Is the waterfall of snow-glacial origin, it can be seen from about mid-may to mid-September

If you go further deep into the gorge at lost trail, then after about 45 minutes the way to the right will need to go through a small stream with a cascading waterfall with a height of about 15m. This waterfall is hardly noticeable, because half-hidden behind a rock.

Then the path 15-20 min passes through the stony field, immediately behind which blocks the path of a turbulent river Kichi-tor. It can be cautiously waded across and, moving along the left Bank of the river Sokuluk, 10-25 minutes you can reach the screw falls. Here the river falls down about 20metrov, bumping against rocks forming something like the stone well. This screw falls difficult to photograph, in addition to stand above him on the sloping stone slab is very dangerous. Bilohirs’kyi waterfall

Information of Tour

Not categorically hike in the average level of training and requires basic skills of being in the mountains. Equipment-good mountain boots, jacket windbreaker with a hood, sunglasses, a baseball cap( cap), a cap, a backpack 25-30L. and track sticks. Preferably (but not necessarily) to have sunscreen and a raincoat.

ALTITUDE DIFFERENCE 250 above the sea level
SEASON May-October
COST 550 kgs/450 kgs of Union members
SERVICES INCLUDED IN THE COST OF THE TOUR Transport in both directions. The services of a guide
DAY 1 One day trip to the gorge. Sokuluk-hike to the waterfall lunch picnic, return to the Parking lot of the bus-moving to Bishkek. Departure:

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