Chon Kyzyk Suu

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This gorge begins near Kyzyl-Suu village and first runs through the foothills with many red rocks and canyons. 13 km further on there are coniferous forests with the Tian Shan spruce and the gorge becomes very scenic. 23 km further from the village there is a spectacular gorge that divides into two rivers. From here forests stretch for another 6-7 km along both canyons, and almost immediately after the forest the glaciers begin. On both streams, especially on the western one, there are several waterfalls and lakes. The certain category mountain tourist trails often begin from this gorge in an eastern direction. Despite the scenic beauty, lately the gorge is losing popularity among tourists, mainly because of the bad road: starting from the forest zone, the road comes very close to the river, which often washes out the road and destroys the bridges.

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