Chunkurchak Gorge

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Chunkurchak Gorge is located between the Alamedin and Ala-Archa gorges and  you can recognize it by its form of basin. In the east, it borders on  Alamedin Gorge while in the west – with the Malinov Gorge (in its lower part) and Ala-Archa Gorge (in its upper part). In the south the gorge is closed by snowy peaks and glaciers of Kurgak-Tor, Scriabin, Baychichikey, and  Komsomolets – the Uchitel mountain range at 3,700-4,700 meters high. In the north, there is a chain of unnamed mountain ridge (at 2,000 – 2,200 meters). Here you can clearly recognize  2 zones- the lower one is called the Lower Tatyr, the upper the Upper Tatyr.

Last few years, both  of the zones have been intensively developed – some new recreation utilities  and mountain- skiing bases were built.  The medium quality unpaved roads  runs through the gorge. Lower Tatyr has virtually no forests , only thorny bushes grow there. There is a small village of Tatyr (at an altitude of 1,480 meters above sea level) and Chunkurchak River to which the Kara-Bulak stream flows to.

There is a place used for training in climbing and climbing competitions, in the point where Chunkurcak River bursts from the rocks of Dungurethme mountain.  Three hundred meters from that place on Kara-Bulak creek, there is a big beautiful 30-meter-high waterfall called Golybinyi Vodopoy (translated as “Pigeon Watering Place”), which does not splash around. However due to the economic activity and natural changes, the stream has been losing its water and strength. A beautiful 11 km-long serpentine road runs from the Lower Tatyr to the Upper, taking  you to the high mountainous zone (to about 2,000 m above sea level), full of archa and fur trees,  green meadows bordering moraines and glaciers( through which the roaring Baichechekey river flows). There are guest houses, kymys (mare’s milk) production facilities, and sheep barns.

Information of Tour

Non-Categorical hike of medium difficulty, requiring basic skills of being in the mountains and the average level of training. Do not require any special equipment for Hiking. Equipment-good mountain boots and leg warmers to protect feet from moisture and snow, jacket, cap, backpack 25-30L. It is desirable (but not required) to have a trekking sticks, sunglasses, a hooded sweatshirt, scarf, gloves.

SEASON Year round
COST 400 kgs/280 kgs of Union members
SERVICES INCLUDED IN THE COST OF THE TOUR Transport in both directions. Conductor service
DAY 1 One day trip to chunkurchak gorge, a visit to Pigeon falls with a height of 30 m exit on the ridge to the panoramic top, the panorama view 270 degrees, picnic, return to the Parking the bus – transfer to Bishkek. Departure:

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