Dzhukuchak and Dzhuku

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You can get to Dzhukuchak gorge by road from Darkhan village or from Saruu village. The road is unpaved, not interesting, and of the poor quality. Only 13 km from the road the gorge splits and the road become more interesting thanks to the red rocks, canyons and the forests. From that point, 7 km further eastward, you can reach the indoor bathing pools with hot hydrogen sulphide springs, which you can swim in for a small fee. Even further along the gorge at a distance of 1 km from the pools there is a beautiful waterfall, similar to a waterfall from the fairy tale film named “A thousand and one nights”. Further on the gorge becomes not convenient for hiking. The gorge is popular thanks to hot springs. In its western direction, through Dzhuku gorge, you have to drive along the very bad unpaved road, amid uninteresting landscape, which in the beginning is interesting thanks to the view of several red rocks. Only 8 km further on, when the road approaches the river, the landscape becomes more scenic thanks to the forests and a mountain ridge, which kind of closes and splits this gorge 15 km from the point of departure from the main canyon of Dzhuku. There are less forests here than in Dzhuku.

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