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To get to Jylamysh gorge, you need to turn off the highway in the town of Shopokov (at the 45th kilometer) towards the mountains and drive 13.5 km to Belek village, then continue driving to Dzhylamysh village, which is located at the distance of 13.5 km from the road. From that point, drive 7 km deep into the gorge along the bad road with mud holes. The ultimate goal is a large sheep barn (1,650 m above the sea level), located at a distance of 11 km from Dzhylamysh village. Beware the local dogs that rarely see strangers there.

This is a grassy gorge, with low archa and shrubs growing there. It ends in a large group of glaciers with Adegine peak in the center on the north, at a distance of about 15 km from the large sheep barn (3,360 m above the sea level).

Information of Tour

Not categorically hike in the average level of training and requires basic skills of being in the mountains. Equipment-good mountain boots, jacket windbreaker with a hood, sunglasses, a baseball cap( cap), a cap, a backpack 25-30L. and track sticks. Preferably (but not necessarily) to have sunscreen and a raincoat.

ALTITUDE DIFFERENCE 700 above the sea level
SEASON May-October
COST 470 kgs/350 kgs of Union members
SERVICES INCLUDED IN THE COST OF THE TOUR Transport in both directions. The services of a guide
DAY 1 One day trip to the gorge Dzhylamysh, right on the gorge, picnic, return to the Parking lot of the bus – transfer to Bishkek. Departure:

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