Great Ala-Archa Glacier

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Great Ala-Archa Glacier is located at the end of the Ala-Archa gorge on the shady slope of the Kirghiz ridge. In old days, a ski base was built there, surrounded by several large glaciers, where the Soviet Olympic team used to get trained all year round. A two-story dormitory and a dining room buildings remained since that time, however being totally unattended for more than 25 years, these buildings got significantly dilapidated. The distance from the alpinist camp to the abandoned ski base (located at an altitude of 3,400 m above sea level) is 15.5 km. The trek goes along the badly destroyed mountain road, alternating from one side of the gorge to another. For a few times you have to cross the rough mountain rivers. Or you can hike along the stony, winding paths on the left bank of Ala Archa River, but in this case the trekking time will increase and the speed will slow down considerably, although it will be safer. Tourists come here for an overnight stay and then undertake radial hiking tours or go further along the trail. The most interesting glacier is the Small Ala-Archa glacier with two small lakes and relatively light passes. Also, in the summer time, the skiers and snowboarders may come here to climb up the glacier in the morning and then roll down the snow. Many tourists bring some construction materials with them and do some light repair works and thanks to such efforts further dilapidation of the buildings slowed down significantly. For an overnight stay, it is sufficient to bring a sleeping bag and a sleeping mat or a piece of polyethylene.

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