Karakol Gorge

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Karakol gorge starts at a distance of 3 km south of Karakol city. It is a powerful beautiful gorge, covered with spruce forests. It is very popular among tourists and holidaymakers. Many tourist and mountaineering trails go through this gorge. There are many famous and beautiful peaks here, such as Przhevalsky peak (4,230 m above sea level), Karakol peak (5,150 m above sea level), and the most beautiful Djigit peak (4,955 m above sea level). At a distance of 7 km from the city there is a side gorge where the well-known mountain ski base of Karakol is located. The distance from here to the ski base itself is approximately 3.5 km. 10 km further on you can reach Przevalski peak (4,230 m above sea level), which is visible from all places in the city. There are few other trails of various complexity and duration to this peak. Right along the gorge of Karakol and at the end of it there is a huge wide platform where the river is divided into a large number of streams. Behind this area, the moraines of powerful glaciers of the mountain range begin, with the beautiful 5,150 m high Karakol peak standing out.

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