PIK Komsomolets

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PIK Komsomolets is 4170м high, and located on a mountain ridge that separates Ukrainian shield (Ala-Archa and Usch). Baichechekei is located approximately 7.5 km from camp. Climbing difficulty of the peak is 1A. Due to the fact that one of the parts of the ascent is simple and does not require belaying  , this peak has become popular among alpinist – beginners, mostly during the annual traditional event  “Alpiniada” (May 1). The hike starts early in the morning from the Ala-Archa camp, located at an altitude of 2170m above sea level. 10 m from the hotel the alpine trail turns  left, and after 1.5 km you reach two huge rocks lying on the steep slope of the Gorge Ak-Sai. Usually among alpinists they are called  ‘Stones Taras’ or simply ‘Taras’. You can take the first short rest here. Further the path slightly ascends and comes on the East cliff to the river Sharkaratma, then a turn to the North with a steep slope rising 450m, you  pass rock slide, and after 3.4 km from Taras and you get to Purple Pass (3530м). Alpinists are normally used to stop here for  the second rest and little lunch.  If necessary, you can shorten further  ascent and return to camp, but you have to leave official path. Then you need to go 2.4 km further (ascent  of 650m). The passage becomes more difficult because of the combination of high elevation and steep ascent. There is a risk of snow  , which   can reach the height of more than half meter in some areas.

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