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Sary-Chelek primarily implies 7 lakes that are located in the Sary-Chelek State Biosphere Park. This very beautiful place is located in Jalal-Abad oblast at a distance of 550 km from Bishkek city. The road to Sary Chelek is very picturesque, passing through 3 gorges, 4 tunnels, about 3 water reservoirs, and running close to 5 rivers. The largest tunnel is Too-Ashuu, which is 2,5 km long and is located at an altitude of 3,200 m above sea level. The largest (and the most beautiful and powerful) is Naryn River. You have to pay to enter the Sary Chelek Park. At the very beginning of the park, 3,4 km from the entrance gate, there is the village of Arkit (1,250 m above sea level) where you can rent a room in the hotel. You can visit the biosphere park museum over there as well. The distance from Arkit village to the largest lake of Sary-Chelek is 14 km. This lake is located at an altitude of 1,878 m above sea level. Its length is 6.2 km, its maximum width is 2.6 km. The second largest lake is Kyla-Kol, the rest lakes are Yiri-Kol, Aram-Kol, Bakaly-Kol, Tuyuk-Kel and Bakaly-Kel. On the way back you can see the amazing Kara-Djigach Pillars, which are located at a distance of 23 km from the natural park gates. This amazing natural monument is located on the other side of the river, so it is hard to access it. And about 20 km before reaching Tash-Komur there is a tall sculpture called Tash-Kumursky Dave or Chochok-Tash. Local people use this natural stone sculpture for performing the local family related customs.

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