Semenovskoye Gorge

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Semenovskoye Gorge is located in 4 kilometers to the north of the village of Semenovka. There is an asphalted road going to the abandoned Kyrchyn camp site, located 5 km from the beginning of the gorge. This part of the gorge is very beautiful, with the mixed forest of Tien Shan spruce trees. At the entrance to the gorge there is a checkpoint at which a small entry fee is charged. Further past the camp site the gorge expands widely and turns into a huge tract, which is used for cattle grazing. There are  summer yurt recreation areas over there. The tourists are interested in going to the beautiful Suttu-Bulak Lake, located at an altitude of 2,577 m above sea level, at a distance of 6 km from the camp site. Also from this lake there are 9 km long hiking trails up along the river to the glacier and to  a non-category pass, where you can see the northern slope of the glacier, which now belongs to Kazakhstan. There is an unpaved road through which you can drive 9 km from the camp site to a non-category pass (2,380 m above sea level) from where you can observe the middle part of the Grigorievsky gorge and, if necessary, descend into this gorge.

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