Shamsi Gorge – Tura Gain

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To get to the gorge you can take a car from Tokmok town. The road is asphalted almost to the very beginning of the gorge. Further,  the road becomes unpaved, followed by a steep rocky goes down to the bridge over Shamsi river and then  goes up steeply  to the other shore up to the houses of the Yeghersky village. After this passage  the road becomes better and is relatively in a good quality. From  Yeghersky village to the right and to the west, you can find the road going to the forest ranger’s lodge in the boundary  of Tura – Gain, famous for its coniferous larch forests. These forests were planted by people  in the early times. Here you can see  two small streams merging in one, on the upper part of each there is a waterfall, to which it  is unfortunately difficult to access (one is 16 m high, the other is composed by 3 cascades of 5-8 m). The streams flows under the stones of  ancient moraines, and appears at the surface only in a few places. The gorge is intensively used for pasturing cattle, mowing hay, and is often visited by tourists.

The gorge goes to the south and after 9.2 km the gorge is divided, on the right you can see   Tuyuk Shamsinskiy stream, which is much watery  than Shamsi river. Shamsi gorge goes further to the south and then you discover spruce forests. The old road there is rarely used these days. If you choose to continue to this road around  15 km further  you can reach the Kyrgyz ridge and pass by  non-classified Shamsi pass at at altitude of 3,700 m above sea level. If you go further to the west you arrive in a large plateau,but the roads there are poor. From the southern part a steep short gorge covered by green grass, which is  called  Kichi Kel-Tor, joins this plateau.  A very stormy river, with many cascading waterfalls, goes down from the gorge. Due to its location, this gorge is rarely visited by tourists and is mainly used for grazing cattle. Tuyuk stream goes right to the west along a long gorge. There are also some spruce forests, however they grow in the shadow slope,as a result they are rarely visited. The northern sunny slope is completely treeless. Here, because of the sun, the grass parches  quickly, moreover, along this gorge there are a lot of livestock barns and the gorge itself is used for grazing of a large number of cattle. 15 km further,  the gorge turns to the south where you can see  a house called the Shah’s house. The house was  built in the 60-s for the Iranian Shah, who went hunting to Shamsi gorge.

Kel-Tor Shamsinsky gorge rises in front of the Shah’s house to the west. Passing by ‘two-humped’ (at at altitude of 3,460 m and 3,290 m above sea level)  pass by a non-classified  path you can get to Kegety´s Kel-Tor lake located at an altitude of 2,750 m above sea level. Behind the Shah’s house, the gorge is flat but soon ends in steep slopes of the Kirghiz ridge. From that point, you can take classified passes at an average altitude of 4,100 for another 11-12 km  to Suusamyr to Western Karakol river, and also get to the upper reaches of the nearby Kel-Tor gorge.

Information of Tour

- Non-categorical approach of primary and secondary level of training and requires basic skills of being in the mountains. Equipment-good mountain boots, jacket windbreaker with a hood, sunglasses, a baseball cap (cap), a cap, a backpack 25-30L.,and track sticks. Preferably (but not necessarily) to have sunscreen and a raincoat."
SEASON Апрель - Октябрь
COST 550сом/450сом для членов Союза
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DAY 1 "One-day trip to Shamsi gorge - hike, picnic, return to the bus Parking – transfer to Bishkek. Departure:

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