Ski Resort “Karakol”

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Modern ski base “Karakol” is located 7 km from the town of Karakol (Issyk-kul region).

In Soviet times, the ski base was  used for trainings for the Olympic team. In 2004 the base was completely modernized. Today “Karakol” is an ideal place not only for training athletes, but also for outdoor activities.

On the territory of the ski base “Karakol” you can find :

* four chair lifts (two 2-seater and two 3-seater)

* three buildings of the hotel

* Chalet houses

* restaurant

* cafe on the slope.

Ski base “Karakol” is an unique place . The base is located at an altitude of 2300 meters above sea level, on the slopes of Tien Shan, in the majestic coniferous forests. The mild climate is influenced by ice-free high-mountain lake Issyk-Kul. In winter, the temperature at the day rarely falls below -5 degrees, Thanks to the large number of Sunny days  you can enjoy skiing  and sunbathing  at the same time. The ski season starts in November and lasts until April. During this period you don’t have to worry  about the snow – the layers of snow are usually 1.5 – 2.5 meters height. If cannot ski or snowboard,  our ski and snowboard instructors will teach you the technique of skiing. Even at the ski base, you can find well qualified staff and instructors. In winter, this place is  a real paradise for skiers and snowboarders. You can also enjoy  riding  a  snowmobile through the winter forest.


Ski base: 996 (772)53-40-81
Karakol tel. / Fax: 996 (3922)5-14-94
Bishkek tel.: 996 (312)53-18-71

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