Son-Kol lake

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Son-Kol is mounteen  (3015м above.m.) lake in Naryn region of the length of 22km, and  width of 16.5 km. There are many rivers flowing to the lake, but only one flowing from the lake:  Son-Kol.  This river comes from a large shallow bay on the Eastern side of the lake. At this point the lake reaches length of 26.5 km, and the depth of the lake is 15m on average. The water in the lake is quite fresh.  In the Northern part, where the lake is supplied  by large rivers, the water is used for different purposes. On the South side the  water is usually more stagnant and for human consumption not recommended for human consumption.

You can  access to the lake from  4 sides. From the North through the pass Kalmak-Ashuu (3440м above.m.). This is the most popular way by the  very rocky, and poor quality road. The yurt camp at the lake is 17 km by this road. Then from highway Kochkor-Naryn (2370m above sea level.m.) to pass Kalmak-Ashuu – 36km. From the East to the Sleep-Kohl near the river-runoff  you can take  beautiful but steep road with lots of switchbacks. You cannot see the way really clearly, that is why  this road is informally called ’38 parrots'(possibly an allusion to the fact that driving here can be many times to be scaring) . This road is safer  to go down than up. From the South to the lake road runs through a spectacular mountain pass , with a major serpentine Moldo-Ashuu (3260м above.m.). Then from the lake before the pass, 12km away. Perhaps this is the most beautiful and safe way on a dirt road of quite good quality. In addition, there are some woods growing by the road. Then through the pass to the road to Naryn, approximately 17km. And finally, from the southwest you can reach the lake  from the coal village of Kara-Keche, which 33км. The way lies at  the pass of Kara-Keche (3380м above.m.): 22 km from the lake . But this road is the worst and also unpopular one, because it passes through not very interesting places.

Information of Tour

ALTITUDE DIFFERENCE 2300 above sea level
SEASON June-October
DURATION 2 days (1 night)
COST 3250 som members of TUK/ 3650 som
Tour program
Day 1    Trekking After picking up at 07:30 am near the TUK office, start on the route. After a 5-6 hour drive, we arrive at Son Kol Lake for lunch. We are located in a yurt camp, those who are want  can break tents. After lunch in the camp, the group can swim in the lake or go on an easy trek to the nearby slopes of the mountains. After a walk, dinner awaits you.
Day 2 Horse riding Horse riding After breakfast, those who wish can go horseback riding along the steppe, which will take 1-2 hours or stay in the camp. After lunch in the camp, the group leaves to Bishkek.

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