Turkestan City

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A three-day trip to South Kazakhstan city of Turkestan, to  the Mausoleum Arystan-Bab and a  visit of  Shymkent zoo, city tour in the city of  Taraz (formerly Jambul).

Day 1 – Departure at 03:00 am, crossing the Kyrgyz-Kazakh border  in the village of Chaldovar, on the way visit of Aisha bi Bi, transfer  to the city of Chimkent, a visit of  the zoo (which takes 2-2.5 hour) , trip to the village, Cohas. Accommodation in the hotel complex of the Mausoleum Arystan Bab.

Day 2 – After Breakfast transfer to Turkestan, a tour of the city of Turkestan, visit of the  mausoleum of Khoja Ahmed Yasavi and  of Rabia Sultan Begim (XV century).

Day 3 – Departure at 04:00 am from hotel and transfer to Taraz city, a short walk around the city. Then transfer to Bishkek.

The length of the route: 1,500 km.

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