The Gorge Shamsi

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In this gorge you can drive from the city of Tokmok. Here almost to the beginning of the gorge leads paved road. Then the road becomes dirt, you should steep rocky descent to the bridge over the river Shamsi and a rocky steep climb to the other side to the estates Egerskogo village consisting of several houses. Then the road becomes quite smooth relatively good quality.

In this village right on the West leaving the road which you can drive to the small house of the Forester in the hole Tour-the Gain, which has very good pine-larch forests. These forests were planted by people in previous years. Here merge 2 little Creek, each of which in the upper part are inaccessible to the waterfall (16 m, the other consists of 3 cascades 5-8 m). these streams mostly flow under the stone of ancient moraines, and come to the surface only in a few places. The tract is heavily used for livestock grazing, mowing of hay, is often visited by tourists.

The gorge runs South. 9.2 km through the gorge splits and goes to the right tributary of the Tuyuk such as, which is much deeper main river samsi. The gorge Shamsi continues South and soon there are spruce forests. There is a old road, now rarely used. After 15km it is possible to achieve the Kyrgyz range and cross it in not categorically the Shamsi pass with a height of 3700m above sea level.m.

Continue to the West of this gorge Shamsi is a large plateau, which are bad roads. To this plateau from the South descends a short steep grassy gorge of the Kichi Kel-tor. At the bottom of this gorge down a very rough river that, in many places, falls down large cascading waterfalls. Because of its isolated location it is rarely visited by tourists and is mainly used for grazing.

The influx of Tuyuk goes to the right West on long canyon. Here also appear the spruce forest, but they are growing on the southern slope of the shadow over the river and therefore are visited very rarely. North Sunny slope completely treeless. The grass on it burns quickly under the sun, besides the gorge built a lot of houses and made grazing large number of cattle.
After 15km gorge turns South. Here the Shah built the house, which was built in the 60-ies for the Shah of Iran, decided to hunt in the gorge Shamsi.

Prior to Shah’s house to the West rises the gorge Kel-tor such as. It through not categorically Bactrian (3460м and 3290м above.m.) pass (you can go to lake Kel-tor Kegetinskij located at an altitude of 2750m above sea level.m.

In Shah’s house, the canyon narrows and soon ends with steep slopes of the Kyrgyz ridge. Here in 11-12km for category passes an average height 4100м you can go to the Suusamyr valley to the river West Karakol and go to the upper neighboring gorge Kel-tor.

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