Tuyuk Gorge

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Tuyuk gorge is much more picturesque where the path goes near a stormy river among the trees and picturesque slopes of the side gorges. There are many flowers, shrubs, juniper, ashberry, and birches. A couple of times you will need to cross this river in shallow areas in the places where it spills over. After about 4.2 km the path is blocked by a blockage that the river flows around on the left in a narrow slope. Far from the beginning you will see the same no category Kok-Moinok Pass, which is slightly closer than in Kok-Moinok, but from this side the pass is higher and you will have to climb 110 m to get there. Tuyuk gorge is now rarely visited. In the early 2000s, the mudslide demolished a pedestrian bridge, located just above the 2-meter high waterfall, located at a distance of half an hour’s walk from the confluence of the gorges.

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