Uch Emchek Kum Bel

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This place is located at  the foothills near the village of Gornaya Mayevka. You can get there if you drive out from the road in Uch-Emchek village, and go 5 km further through two separate parts  of this village to the plain at an altitude of 1,800 m above the sea level. There are a couple of sheep barns and a small stream there. Thanks to the colorful motley  grass, the plain is really picturesque, moreover during blossoming period, the slopes seem to be really covered by colorful carpet. From here you can get to  the neighboring gorge,  where you can find  Zil Ski Resort – if you want to get there , you need to climb along the stream flowing from the southeast to pass through a 2,260 m high ridge towards the west. Also you can get there by car if you take  the unpaved road from the second separate part of the Uch-Emchek village.

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