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Zhety-Oguz is a beautiful gorge covered with dense forests of Tien-Shan spruce trees. You can get here along an asphalted road from the village of Zhety-Oguz, located at a distance of 3 km from the highway. 11 km further on there is the Jety-Oguz sanatorium, next to which there are famous beautiful red rocks called a Broken Heart and Seven Bulls. Further on, the road becomes unpaved of medium quality. 6 km further on from the sanatorium, the road makes a zigzag and rises to 50 m and goes farther into the gorge, going from one side to another through 7 bridges. This part of the way is very beautiful, running through a spruce forest with beautiful forest glades, and is very popular among tourists and visitors. A lot of category and non-category hiking trails run through Zheti-Oguz gorge. There are many waterfalls, lakes, and passes of varying complexity. Also there is the famous Gagarin Glade (2,270 m above sea level), where there are a lot of yurt camps and kymys treatment camps. The last 7-th bridge is at an altitude of 2,530 m above sea level at a distance of 12 km from the sanatorium. Here the road ends. Then you can go on hiking along good trails. 12 km further on from the last bridge, the gorge ends at the glaciers of the mountain range, which has a beautiful Oguz-Bashi peak – 4,770 m high above sea level. This peak attracts many alpinists.

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